Why The little

We call it "From the mountain to your cup".

Our specialty coffee is hand-selected and hand-brewed by our farmers who have spent generations perfecting their approach to growing the highest quality coffee possible.


We are a second generation coffee grower, our grandparents started the passion for coffee since 1954 when they noticed that Guatemala was so rich in soils, fertilizers and microclimates, that it is the perfect environment to grow different types of coffee.

They always believed in the importance of taking care of farmers through fair trade.


Guatemala's coffee plantations represent the largest artificial forest in Central America. An estimated 800 million coffee trees are cultivated in the country.

Our artisan coffee from the Guatemalan Highlands has a low acidity, mild flavour with medium body and caramel and orange citrus notes.

Fresh Artisanal Organic


Surely you have heard the phrase: "High altitude coffee, the climate of the good drink". Did you know that this refers to the fact that the crop must be grown in dark, shaded lands, with an ideal temperature of between 19° and 25°C?

Rainfall is a fundamental part of the production of high altitude coffee, the coffee plant is a very delicate plant that requires tropical locations; it must be moderate as excess rainfall can affect the crop. That is why our coffee comes from expert producers who with love and effort maintain their coffee plantations in perfect conditions to bring you our GROUND COFFEE.

We support small-scale
Guatemalan coffee growers

Cultivating dreams 

Every bag of The Little Farmer coffee is a promise of economic sustainability for our smallholder farmers who produce and maintain a high level of artisanal specialty coffee production.

Farmers benefit the least from the coffee industry and are underpaid by corporate chains. Your purchase of The Little Farmer coffee enables farmers and their families to have a chance to grow and develop a dignified life.

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