Ground coffee vs. coffee beans

Can't choose between ground coffee and coffee beans? There are some clear differences between the two with regard to how they make coffee and how easy it is to brew.

Here I will give you the most relevant differences between ground coffee and whole coffee beans, and also discuss which version is better, depending on your needs.

So, let's start with the differences between ground coffee and whole coffee beans, so you can easily choose your favourite or what works best for you.

Whole coffee beans stay fresh longer

If freshness is a key point for you, then whole bean coffee is what you need. This works for those who:

  • They do not drink coffee frequently, and the pre-ground coffee would lose aroma.
  • They need the freshest cup of coffee possible
  • They have time to grind the coffee little by little before preparing their cup of coffee.

Now, the problem with using pre-ground coffee is that it will lose freshness very quickly. From the moment the beans are roasted and then ground, they begin to lose their flavour in a matter of weeks.

Fortunately, most coffee companies do a great job of packaging their ground coffee very well, immediately after grinding. Therefore, you won't miss out on much when you buy your coffee.

However, from the moment you open your new packet of ground coffee, it will start to lose aroma, so be sure to keep it in a tightly closed container and use it up in less than 3 weeks, as after about 3 to 4 weeks, the coffee will be a bit stale.

Having said all this, whole coffee beans will keep their aroma for much longer, as you only grind a few beans at a time, when you need them. Whole coffee beans also lose aroma, but much more slowly than ground coffee and are therefore ideal for those who do not drink coffee very often.

The ground coffee is ready to use, more convenient

If convenience is your thing, then ground coffee will be much better for you. It is easier to work with, as it is already ground, and it is also very convenient as almost all coffee companies offer ground coffee.

Whole bean coffee means that you have to adjust the grind size.

Speaking of which, let's talk about grind size for a moment. The advantage of buying and using whole bean coffee (besides freshness) is that you decide what size grind to use. Which means you will always get the exact type of coffee you want, as long as you have developed some coffee grinding skills.

Don't worry, no one gets it right on their first few attempts. But over time, you'll be able to get the exact grind size you're looking for just by knowing when to stop the mill.

OK, so what grind sizes would you need? After all, we have just said that ground coffee already comes in the sizes that most people use.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ends of the grinding spectrum. For this, you need a coffee grinder. Over time you will learn when to stop the grinder according to the thickness of the coffee bean you need.

Is it better to buy ground coffee or whole bean coffee?

All right, now taking everything into account, which coffee ends up being the best, should I buy ground coffee or coffee beans?

The answer is up to you. It really depends on what you want to do with that coffee.

If you are a person who drinks coffee every morning before going to work, and maybe another small one after coming home, then ground coffee is perfect. You use it frequently, so it doesn't lose its properties.

If it's extra freshness and exotic flavours you want, then a whole bean coffee might be your option to get them; grinding coffee at home will only take a few minutes and if you have extra time, why not do it?

When it comes to special flavours, it is not only coffee beans that give them to you. There is also special ground coffee; for example, Central American highland coffee or what can be called origin coffee, which although it is packaged ground coffee, the production size is not as large as that of the big packers, which allows you to find coffees with very characteristic and special notes. At you will find excellent artisan ground coffee: highland coffee from Guatemala, where we select the best beans for you.


Ground coffee and coffee beans are great forms of coffee, but it really matters what you are going to do with them. How often you drink coffee, how well you can store it, what your budget is, and generally know your taste preferences. Once you've had them, you'll know exactly what kind of coffee to drink.

With all that you now know, make yourself a good cup of coffee and remember that Every day is a coffee day .

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